The Teachers


Darsak has been involved in teaching children from ages 5 – 16 yrs in the Sathya Sai Organisation over the last 10 years, volunteering his time over weekends guiding children to grow and blossom as confident individuals with the human values – love, peace, truth, non violence and right conduct leading them to explore concepts of right and wrong through the use of story telling, role play, songs, games and drama.

The inspiration to teach yoga to children was discovered by accident, as he saw his 18 month old son, Aaron (now 5 years old) copying the postures and making animal noises as he held private classes at home with family / friends….. Following this, he went onto commencing the training with Yoga Kids International in 2008 and graduated as a Certified Yogakids Facilitator (CYKF) in 2009. His classes are non-judgmental, non-competitive and playful. He works on connecting the body, spirit and mind, bringing a sense of stillness and appreciation, incorporating his love of nature into the practice with guided meditations and symbolically through the poses, challenging students to explore themselves with an open heart, open mind and most importantly, with compassion.

Darsak is married with two little yogis, Aaron (5) and Rohan (2) who help him stay grounded and provide a lot of the ideas behind his classes.


Fal’s Yogic journey began several years ago when she was forced by a good friend, to attend a yoga class with her. Reluctantly Fal attended and since that day she has never looked back.Throughout Fal’s teenage years and most of her adult life, Fal continued her daily activities without any real direction. She was always looking for that ‘Something’ that would create a spark and change the course of her life. What that something was she did not know until she sat on her yoga mat for the very first time and found stillness. This stillness took Fal to a place within which she did not know existed, an inner world that was waiting to be explored, a place where she found that something – her true self. Yoga has become a common thread in Fal’s life and it is the tool she uses to help her deal with life’s challenges.

A mother of two beautiful daughters aged 14 and 8, Fal is very aware of the stresses and challenges young children and teenagers are faced with. Many children have such busy schedules that they do not have a quiet moment to just be with themselves and to know themselves and the world around them. Fal creates a nurturing atmosphere in her class where the children are encouraged to let go of any stress, fears and negativity they may hold. Being a non-judgemental class she guides each child to develop at their own pace, strengthening their inner and outer self through postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama), visualisation/meditation, positive affirmations, mindfulness practices  and most importantly she guides them to respect and believe in themselves.

She also teaches at schools and nurseries empowering the children with yoga tools to use both on and off the mat.Fal believes that“You cannot transmit wisdom and insight to another person. The seed is already there. A good teacher touches the seed, allowing it to wake up, to sprout, and to grow” – Thich Nhat Hanh.

Fals yoga continues off the mat. She devotes her spare time as a volunteer for Giving iz Living ( a non-profit, volunteer based organization for the service of humanity. Their mission is to spread the awareness of the joys of giving by providing people of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to make a difference through active volunteering, fundraising and donations for both humanitarian and environmental projects locally and internationally.