Yoga Dynamix have been teaching yoga to children since 2008. They have been empowering children with the tools of yoga that can help them cope with the daily challenges that they may be faced with.

YogaDynamix motto is “Learning through movement”. While some programs attempt to teach traditional or “grown-up” yoga to children, our classes are specifically designed for children and how they learn. Our classes educate the “whole child” with yoga as a pathway to learning. 

We offer schools and nurseries a tailor-made children’s yoga program to fit into each individual school/nursery’s timetable and curriculum. Whether the program is for special group children, exam preparations or physical education, the school/nursery setting could be greatly enhanced by the introduction of the yoga tradition in and around the classroom.

Yoga Dynamix believe in working together with each individual school/nursery to create a program that suits their needs. Our classes incorporate the school/nurseries curriculum enabling the children to continue learning whilst having fun.

Using YogaKids methodology( inspired by Dr.Paul Dennison, creator of Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology) that links movement and kinaesthetic learning and traditional yoga techniques that help balance and coordinate the hemispheres of the brain, our classes become a springboard for integrated learning activities that explore health, science, math, language, music, and art in playful ways.

Our classes are non-competitive and non-judgemental. We use a unique blend of mindfulness practices, physical activity, social skills games, storytelling and music in a creative way that combines what they are learning in class.

Our instructors are specially selected for not only their passion for the practice of yoga but also for their passion to work with children. We honour each child’s unique way of absorbing and integrating information so all students can learn in the style that suits them best.

Children learn best by doing  “When you give  yoga poses, use visualization, and allow them to move their bodies, their whole learning ability goes up several notches,” says Marsha Wenig, founder of YogaKids International

Numerous studies show a link between yoga and better learning, improved behaviours and higher self-esteem. These studies have shown a marked improvement on academic achievements, general health, personal attributes and relationships of students.

Our aim is to help you and your students to find the same benefits, and together we can create – less stress and greater success for our children.

YogaDynamix instructors have been trained by YogaKids International and are all CYKF (Certified Yogakids Facilitators) and CRB checked. YogaKids International was developed in 1986 by Marsha Wenig, who is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the field of yoga for children.



‘Yoga Dynamix have been teaching yoga to our children for almost a year and we and the parents are very pleased with the positive reaction of our children to the way they have been taught Yoga. We feel all our children who do yoga find it lots of fun and look forward to their sessions every week. They enjoy learning new positions and postures and feel quite proud when they accomplish them. They are well energized after a session of yoga. The learning outcome for the children is excellent and we would highly recommend Yoga Dynamix classes.’
Chantal (Head teacher – Hungry Caterpillars Nursery)