…some thoughts from our Yogis!

Sonia, aged 8
“I think yoga is very fun and it makes me more relaxed in the day. All the poses are very cool and we do a variety of them! At the end of the lesson we do a small relaxation and we lie down.”

Ishani, aged 6
“Yoga classes are the best, helping me to develop my strength and keep my energy levels up and germs out.”

Anoushka, aged 13
“Every Saturday I look forward to coming to yoga! I know that in the class I will learn more about yoga also that I will have lots of fun and I know I will be more relaxed and focused for the week ahead. Yoga has helped me find out things about myself that I didn’t know were there!

Also yoga has helped me to realise that life is beautiful and I should live life to the MAX!  I love yoga! I don’t think yoga would be the same without our fabulous teachers!”

Jaimin, aged 14
“Yoga Dynamix makes me feel relaxed and energetic for the rest of the day.”

Priyana, aged 7
“I like yoga because it is relaxing, calming and it refreshes me. Yoga teaches me how to balance and I like learning about the different parts of the human body”

Aashi, aged 6
“It is really good. I always look forward to go to yoga every Saturday and this is now a part of my life. We learn a lot about yoga and it is a lot of fun.”

Tanaiya,  aged 4
“I like to go yoga to be flexible and not fall down. I like the aeroplane pose.”

Anika, aged 10
“I couldn’t even cross my legs at the start but now I can bring them over my head. Yoga helps me become more flexible, relaxed and helps me to concentrate a lot more than before.”

Dylan, aged 5
“I like Yoga Dynamix. It is fun. I like the lion pose.”

…and views from the parents

Ankit Shah
Aashi has been with Yoga Dynamix for more than 1 ½ years and she is really enjoying it. We see a lot of improvement in the physical and mental capabilities. She is more calm and concentrated as well. We will recommend this to any children. This is a great way for kids to learn and enjoy yoga.

Prasul Malde
Priyana always looks forward to yoga on Saturday morning and it is credit to Fal and Dasak’s enthusiastic approach that makes Priyana never wants to miss a class.

Bhavna Kotecha-Abel
Yoga is something all parents should introduce to their children to make children realise life is more than material things. Meditation is a wonderful gift to give our children.

Manish Shah
Yoga classes are always looked forward to by Ishani and she is so keen to do some yoga at home. These classes are offering more than the physical yoga practice- it is helping Ishani to develop as a whole in a holistic way.

Hiten Shah and Ushma Shah
Dylan enjoys coming to yoga. It is a fun way of learning basic yoga amongst children of his own age.

Sapna Tankaria
My son enjoys yoga very much and understands the importance of it.