Learning through movement

Yoga Dynamix classes for
children, teens, and families.

Our classes are uniquely tailored to your child’s age and ability, reflecting their stages of development

Our classes offer a unique blend of traditional yoga practices of mindfulness, physical activity, social skills, games, storytelling, music and creative arts to educate the ‘Whole’ child. They are non-competitive and non-judgemental. We provide a safe and nurturing environment where the children learn to respect themselves, others and the environment.

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Harrow Art Centre, Hatch End, HA5 4EA

Summer Term Schedule

Saturday Classes

20th April to 13th July 2024
No Classes on 25th May & 1st June 2024

Benefits of Yoga


Breathing techniques which help develop self-control, calmness and a connection to their feelings, preparing them for learning.


Social skills, games to develop trust, communication, teamwork, compassion and personal strength.

Stress Relief

Relaxation to reduce stress, develop imagination and positive thoughts, encourage stillness through which they can become aware of their thoughts, emotions and the self.

Release & Refresh

Poses/sequences to release physical and emotional energy, improve physical fitness through building strength and enhanced flexibility.

Self Development

Enhance self confidence, develop a sense of grounding and concentration skills.

Mind & Soul

Healthy living lessons to promote healthy life habits around food, exercise and other life choices.

Meet Our Team

Darsak Shah

Darsak Shah

Yoga Dynamix Teacher / Owner

Darsak is the owner of Yoga Dynamix. He trained with Yoga Kids International in 2008 and graduated as a Certified YogaKids Teacher (CYKT) in 2009.

He works with the students on connecting the body, mind and spirit, and through Yoga Dynamix is passionate to make a difference to both adults and children through their own unique yoga journey.

Santa Halai

Santa Halai

Yoga Dynamix Teacher

Santa has been practicing yoga for many years now and has found that it was a great way to gain energy and calm the mind after a busy day at work. After completing her teacher training with YogaBeez she joined the team at Yoga Dynamix. She loves teaching the children and seeing them develop into young adults.
Devyani Parmar

Devyani Parmar

Yoga Dynamix Teacher

Dev completed her Yoga training with Yogabeez and has been a part of the team in bringing the magic of Yoga into children’s & teenagers lives in a fun and accessible way. She is passionate about sharing what she has learnt and giving them the tools of posture work, breathing, meditation and mindfulness to deal with the pressures they face in today’s frantic world.

What People Are Saying

“Yoga is great as it focusses my mind and helps my body keep fit.

I have been practicing yoga with Yoga Dynamix since I was 4 years old and have made many friends and learned to connect with my body and mind and everything around me like nature.”

Aaron Student, (Aged 12)

“I like going to Yoga Dynamix because it is a time when I am calm and relaxed.

Darsak is a really good teacher. He makes me calm and is really nice. He helps you understand things better and in every lesson, you learn a new yoga posture. ”

Shivam  Student, (Aged 9)

“My journey with YogaDynamix started seven years ago and is incredible!

I absolutely love yoga and the classes always leave me feeling relaxed and very appreciative because they help me in everyday situations, to handle them very calmly and help others to do the same. I think the classes are a very good combination of exploring different themes and are lots of fun, and I always leave each class with something to reflect on. My favourite part of the classes are definitely the relaxations because after you have used all your energy up and finished your posture work, you gain it all back and the relaxations relax your body to a great extent.”

Esha  Student, (Aged 12)

“I have been practicing yoga every Saturday mornings with Yoga Dynamix since they started classes in 2008. Over the years I have learnt to love yoga as I could see the physical and mental benefits of the practice, especially during my GCSSE exams as yoga helped to help my stress levels low.

Almost every term the teachers will swap classes which I prefer because that means as a student I get to experience the different styles of yoga that they teach.

Over the past 5 years I have been assisting one of the yoga teachers here which has developed my knowledge in the practice”

Kushni  Student, (Aged 17)

“I started yoga since 2008. I feel that it has helped me to improve my focus and confidence. I enjoy it a lot and found myself to be more flexible. The teachers are very supportive and help us to try our best. The classes are very inclusive and I have made many friends.”

Ushmi  Student, (Aged 15)

“I’ve been going to Yoga Dynamix since I was 5 years old and I still really enjoy it.
It’s that 1 hour a week when you can completely disconnect yourself from the outside world and just
focus on you.
Whenever I tell my friends that I do yoga they seem quite shocked – as if yoga isn’t something many
people my age do. I realise that that it’s quite true and honestly I think that people who don’t do
yoga are missing out.
Yoga is so much more than a few poses. It is about becoming more focused and grounded and
finding your inner calm. Doing yoga makes me feel very peaceful and it makes me happier. All the
teachers at Yoga Dynamix are amazing and each of them brings their own touch to a lesson. I really
do love doing yoga and I think it’s something everyone should try.”

Aashi  Student, (Aged 12)

“Yoga helps me to relax and has given me the confidence to make new friends.
My posture has improved because of the yoga classes and I have also learnt new skills to calm me
down as I used to worry a lot!”

Adee Woods  Student, (Aged 11)

“It’s been lovely to see Adee learn new skills to improve his anxieties and also gain confidence in
meeting new people.
I hope he will continue yoga and be able to use the knowledge he gains throughout his life!”

Kerry Woods (Mum)

“During my time at Yoga Dynamix I have learnt many life lessons. All the classes are enjoyable and
there is something for everyone! All of the teachers are fun and approachable. I love going to Yoga
Dynamix, and if you think yoga is not your thing, give it a go and it will be a decision you won’t

Ishan Patel Student (Age 12)

“I think the yoga classes are really fun, especially the warm up. One of my favourite things to do are poses because there are lots. Some are funny, some are easy, and most of all I really like them. Sometimes our teacher lets us play some games and races. We also do cool things like picking up pom-poms with our toes (marble toes)

Our teacher, Darsak and his assistant Haaris, also help us with the really cool and hard things that we cannot do like spin one hand forwards and the other hand backwards at the same time.”

Saayuj Student (Age 7)

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